Adios, Albatross

I had a sneaking suspicion I was going to really suck at this 30 day blog challenge. I was right. But I have good reason! I have so many gigantic changes happening in my life that I really can’t keep up with blogging right now.

The biggest news is that I’m moving into the most adorable little house and I could practically burst out of my skin from pure joy. This is such a positive step for me, mostly because I’ll be living in a house again instead of a dank basement apartment that’s filled with mold and bad memories. But also, because this will be my kitchen.


I mean, seriously. That kitchen. My inner fat kid is ecstatic for space to make pastas and pies and brownies and to actually have a home for hosting friends to come over and eat said fat kid things.

Plus, hardwood floors! And a fenced in back yard! And patio space! And a writing/crafting/music room!

In case you can’t tell, I feel refreshed already. But that may mostly be for my late-night living room dance parties to once again become a reality.

So in the coming days, I’m boxing up my life (which basically consists of my family’s hand-me-downs), becoming homeless for a couple of weeks (and living with the lovely Kelsey Kimberlin), and still in the midst of a hectic roller derby schedule.

Even better? My uncle is visiting this weekend to take the last of my dad’s things to sell to a train hobbyist in Chicago. That’s eight years of stress and heartache gone overnight. Phew.

So don’t worry — one of these days, I’ll invite you guys over for pie to celebrate.

If you’re lucky, anyway.

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  1. It is such an awesome thing to have your own space that is YOURS. I am really enjoying your blog posts! Good luck with the new adventure!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts. It’s fun writing them again, even if they’re pretty short and sweet. Turns out I have more to say than I realized. 😀

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