Homeless and heartbroken

It was about a week ago that I got a concerned message from Mr. KC Carr of KC Derby Digest, who was asking about a fire at KCRW’s new practice space, Warrior Alley (or, as we lovingly call it, Walley). My first thought was, “What?” followed quickly by, “It’s Friday, nobody is at the space … Read More


When I was home for Christmas, I went on a hunt for photos I knew my mom had of me in my roller skates. It’s always fun finding evidence that I’ve had an obsession with skates for most of my life. But then I found this: This is a photo of my dad immediately after … Read More

Girls can play sports, too

I was snuggled comfortably in my seat, ready to watch The Amazing Spider-Man, when I saw the above spot about how, by age 14, girls drop out of sports at twice the rate as boys. And for what reasons? Well, the spot honed in on the fact that it’s society pushing girls to be skinny … Read More

Breaking bad

Frustrated. There is no other word to describe how I’ve been feeling the past week. I was told on Sunday that I unknowingly have a very bad habit of using my toe stop to slow myself as I enter the pack of blockers. I know for non-derby folks this probably doesn’t sound like a big … Read More