Pretty please with a donut on top

During a trip to Pinkberry CherryBerry Yogurtland Orange Leaf Sunday night, I found myself weeping in happiness over the shop’s addition of what I thought was one of my favorite ice cream toppings from my youth softball days — a hard chocolate covered coating that is known at Dairy Queen as the “dipped” portion of … Read More

Sundays in the kitchen

Sundays are my favorite cooking days. After filling my morning with roller derby craziness, I love taking the afternoon to unwind by preparing the next week’s meals. Today I spent the day making Seitan, prepping a bag full of green beans that I’ll stick in a crock pot sometime this week, playing around with fresh … Read More

Fooling the carnivorous: a taco tale

I had posted on Facebook yesterday that my dogs are getting used to this vegetarian way of life of mine. I take great pride in the fact that I see them drool when I’m making seitan, because in my head, I feel like I’m tricking the little carnivores into believing I’m still eating meat. To … Read More

The land of coconut milk and honey

In the six months since I made the conscious effort to become a vegetarian, I’ve spent every day ready and anxious for what finally came this week: my annual blood work appointment. OK, I feel 80 years old for even bringing this up and blogging about it. But it’s truly a very big deal for … Read More