Massage train of thought

Massage train of thought

I’m vacationing in Thailand, so I’ll write more about how I ended up here and the trip. But for now, I had to share about the two-hour, $20 oil massage I got that changed my life. Here was my train of thought upon entering the room, until the point the massage was over: Oh, thank … Read More

Starting over again

One broken finger. One dislocated finger. Two toes that randomly pop out of socket. One thrashed ankle, originally broken at the age of 12, which suffers from constant tendon/ligament pain and stiffness that is always compounded by skating and running. One separated shoulder. One popped elbow bursa. Two concussions. This is my injury collection since … Read More

Wherefore art thou?

Wow. It’s been ages since I’ve written. Sorry guys, but here’s the reason why: It’s taken lots of practices. Long hours. Not to mention — I’ve been working on a novel! If you have time to watch this, it was one of my better games from our Divisionals tournament. If you don’t, no big deal. … Read More