Setting myself up for failure

Setting myself up for failure I knew — just knew — as I started out making brioche on Monday that I failed. It was my first attempt at making it, ever in my life, and I really wasn’t sure how things would turn out. My thought process went something like this: Add milk warmed to … Read More

Running with my muse

Running with my muse

I’ve pounded this pavement countless times before, running more miles than I could possibly remember. Through depression and heartache. Through moments of elation. Fear. Struggles. Hope. And everything in-between. I left skin, blood, and sweat on that road. It’s where I stumbled upon concussions 2 and 3. I crunched through snow. Reveled in the rain. Felt … Read More

Little reminders

It is 12:15 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and I am laying in bed icing my knee and finishing up a bowl of tofu, Brussels sprouts, and carmelized onion. Why? Because this is my life. The life of a derby player typically means late night dinners, loads of post-practice ice and Epsom salt, and very … Read More

A bottle of Irony

Well, folks, it’s been awhile. I promise I haven’t been neglecting you all. It’s just that… Well… Okay, maybe I’ve been neglecting you. Here’s the deal: I had a dear friend surprise me with a bottle of pinot noir—appropriately named Irony—for my birthday last weekend. We popped the cork and I enjoyed a glass to … Read More