Roller derby, baby

Ben Folds has been in Kansas City playing with the Symphony, which is absolutely amazing for a number of reasons. (I could actually write an entire blog post on how all of my favorite artists are writing for the symphony and ballet). But of course, I didn’t get to go because of practice, despite my … Read More

March Madness Through May

I was thinking I was going to write these great posts about my nutso month of March, but suddenly it’s May and I’m wondering where April went. The thing is, March flew by in a whirlwind for several reasons. I went to SXSWi for work, for one. I could wax on and on about what … Read More

Music for the end of civilization

Needless to say — since we’re all here living our regular lives and all — the Great Mayan Apocalypse did not happen. While on one hand, it seemed everyone on the planet was talking about it, I’d say the masses never felt a sense of impending doom the way we did during the ridiculous Y2K … Read More