What pregnancy taught me

What pregnancy taught me

I watched entirely too much Dexter to feel fully comfortable with what was happening with my body. But then again, 36 hours of med-free labor will make you agree to just about anything. By this point, pregnancy had stretched my body to its limits and I was down to the final hours; I just wanted … Read More

Making tough choices

As it turns out, all of 2017 has been filled with really big — and incredibly tough — decisions needing to be made. I was incredibly fortunate to get presented with some truly amazing job opportunities. One would have involved me moving halfway across the country, and would have put me in a position to … Read More

Boxed adventures

Anybody who knows me knows one thing well: I love food. I mean, I’m obsessed with it. Yet oddly enough, I’m a vegetarian. This was a choice I made after watching my dad suffer through three open heart surgeries starting at the age of 38 until he passed away from a heart attack at 62. … Read More