My hometown is imploding and it’s time things change

It’sย been just under week since a horrible incident shook my hometown to its core: a 10-year-old died by suicide.ย From what I’ve seen on social media, she was bullied and this was the result. My heart hurts. I feel like I have a rock in the pit of my stomach. Ten. Years. Old. Can you even … Read More

Life and tragedy

Life and tragedy

When I was home for Christmas, I found a photo of my mom from 1972. While she looks terrible in the photo, it’s one of my favorites. My parents were dating and Dad was driving regularly to Pekin, IL from his hometown of Maroa, which was about an hour away. He was visiting that Easter, … Read More

Foot, meet mouth

The year 2005 was hard on a basketball-loving Illinois girl living in North Carolina. Especially when red wine and legendary, but retired, UNC head coach Dean Smith entered into the mix. The University of Illinois, under the leadership of Bill Self, was having a spectacular season. The team started March Madness with just one loss … Read More