Making tough choices

As it turns out, all of 2017 has been filled with really big — and incredibly tough — decisions needing to be made. I was incredibly fortunate to get presented with some truly amazing job opportunities. One would have involved me moving halfway across the country, and would have put me in a position to … Read More

Life and tragedy

Life and tragedy

When I was home for Christmas, I found a photo of my mom from 1972. While she looks terrible in the photo, it’s one of my favorites. My parents were dating and Dad was driving regularly to Pekin, IL from his hometown of Maroa, which was about an hour away. He was visiting that Easter, … Read More


I tried to calm the sobbing in the backseat of my car with the gentle assurance, “Don’t worry, sweetie, he’s coming back.” “But I want to see him now,” she said. I told her I understood. For a not-quite three-year-old, it can, at times, be traumatic when you’re not sure how long your daddy will … Read More