The weight of baby weight

The weight of baby weight

I remember hearing a story years ago about how a friend who was breastfeeding couldn’t keep weight on her body. It was as if the baby was sucking a marathon’s worth of calories out of her and no amount of food could keep her from looking skeletal. Honestly, it kind of made me look forward … Read More

Boxed adventures

Anybody who knows me knows one thing well: I love food. I mean, I’m obsessed with it. Yet oddly enough, I’m a vegetarian. This was a choice I made after watching my dad suffer through three open heart surgeries starting at the age of 38 until he passed away from a heart attack at 62. … Read More

Fooling the carnivorous: a taco tale

I had posted on Facebook yesterday that my dogs are getting used to this vegetarian way of life of mine. I take great pride in the fact that I see them drool when I’m making seitan, because in my head, I feel like I’m tricking the little carnivores into believing I’m still eating meat. To … Read More