Starting over again

One broken finger. One dislocated finger. Two toes that randomly pop out of socket. One thrashed ankle, originally broken at the age of 12, which suffers from constant tendon/ligament pain and stiffness that is always compounded by skating and running. One separated shoulder. One popped elbow bursa. Two concussions. This is my injury collection since … Read More

Dear Evan

Dear Evan, Every time I check my email, there’s a chat greeting me from 2014. It’s you, asking me, “You doin’ OK still?” It will never go away, and that fact often makes me happy, because there’s something about it that gives me comfort. It’s as if, even though you took yourself from me and … Read More

Foot, meet mouth

The year 2005 was hard on a basketball-loving Illinois girl living in North Carolina. Especially when red wine and legendary, but retired, UNC head coach Dean Smith entered into the mix. The University of Illinois, under the leadership of Bill Self, was having a spectacular season. The team started March Madness with just one loss … Read More