My hometown is imploding and it’s time things change

It’s been just under week since a horrible incident shook my hometown to its core: a 10-year-old died by suicide. From what I’ve seen on social media, she was bullied and this was the result. My heart hurts. I feel like I have a rock in the pit of my stomach. Ten. Years. Old. Can you even … Read More

An elopement story… (About us. Cause we eloped!)

An elopement story… (About us. Cause we eloped!)

I sometimes get a little weird about sharing personal information about myself, which might be a little odd as a writer, I know. That’s why—finally!—after a couple of months I’m getting around to announcing this: We eloped! So sum it up, my BFF Kelsey Kimberlin, who works regularly with the W Banquet Hall, planned an … Read More

Mom life is the best life. So I keep telling myself.

I love being a mom. I mean love it—both to my furry and human babies. But even an easy-going mom like me might have reached my limits last week, and let me tell you… If you don’t currently have kids or pets, I’d say keep reading so you quit thinking about it. You’ve been warned. … Read More

Setting myself up for failure

I knew — just knew — as I started out making brioche on Monday that I failed. It was my first attempt at making it, ever in my life, and I really wasn’t sure how things would turn out. My thought process went something like this: Add milk warmed to 110 degrees to yeast. Well, … Read More