I’ve got your unicorn.

The Springfield Roller Girls headed to Rockford, IL over the weekend for my first roller derby tournament: the Screw City Smackdown. We were one of eight teams that came from all over the Midwest (Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, and Illinois), and despite the fact that I was smack-dab in the middle of a nasty sinus infection and fighting asthma, I still managed to have a pretty good time.

One part of the tournament really sucked. A scoring error in our first bout, which we thought we lost by one point, resulted in the SRG beating the Screampuffs from Appleton, WI. But they complained, so we stayed in the losers’ bracket. Which meant our next two bouts, which we won, left us undefeated, yet placing third. Boo.

But the rest of it? Amazing. Even the beginning of the Rockford Rage‘s Pants Off Dance Off competition, which I heard resulted in a lot of near-naked dancing. My own disco dancing (I’m really, really good). Learning that Rockford is the home of Cheap Trick. Meeting amazing women who are insane and tough and such a huge inspiration. And my favorite: stealing the mascot from Mad Rollin Dolls’ Team Unicorn. We’ll take great care of her.

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