I’m hungry, and here’s why.

I won’t lie, I can’t stop thinking about the meal that Lynn cooked up at her beautiful house in Arkansas. Porcini mushroom seared duck. A port wine reduction. Basil mashed potatoes. Rosemary asparagus. I could have died right then and there, it was so freaking incredible.

My crappy point-and-shoot camera does no justice for how beautiful this meal actually was. No justice whatsoever. I actually don’t think I swallowed it. I just inhaled and sadly, it was gone. And you know, we caught the tail end of the Perseids while drinking wine by the river, heard owls, saw an eagle’s nest… I couldn’t have been happier.

Lynn is not only an incredible writer and chef, but she’s a wonderful friend. I can’t wait to spend many more weekends salivating over her views and dinner plates.

3 thoughts on “I’m hungry, and here’s why.

  • If you had a friend like Mel (and Black and Kristina), you’d want to go out, find a duck willing to lay down its life, foil it in gold, grow the veg in virgin soil, and make those shooting stars come sit in a champagne glass…and then it wouldn’t be enough. Thank you, sweet one for coming to spend time at your house.

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