Merry September to me: roller derby bearings and wheels

Rusty Razorskates and Mary Lou Wretched hit each other while Wretched skates on her new roller derby bearings and wheels

Last night was my first time on my new Bones Swiss bearings and Atom G-Rod wheels. I was literally shaking as I watched Ted drop my bearings into my wheels and tighten them up. He stood there spinning my wheels, saying, “They’ll just go and go and go…” So when I asked him whether I should be more excited about the wheels or the bearings, he paused—smiling and almost giddy like a teenager—before he finally said, “The bearings.”

Regardless, it’s going to take a bit of getting used to. The wheels are much more narrow than what I’m used to, but my lungs are finally feeling back to normal after an awfully hot, humid summer, which means I’m ready to kill it jamming. Best of all, the wheel and bearing combo gave me so much confidence that I was blocking the crap out of some girls last night. Success!

So oh yes… $200 later, and I can guarantee, I’m on my  way to becoming the roller derby animal that I know is inside of me.

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