Jumping out of my skin

I won something yesterday. Before I tell you what, let me start by saying, I never win anything. Okay, I take that back. When I was in the 5th grade, we had a big school festival and I played a killer game of BINGO, which landed me a stuffed Spuds MacKenzie doll—something I’m sure my mother probably ended up throwing away because she’s so adamantly against drinking.

But yesterday, I won comics from the MTV Splash Page for simply retweeting their giveaway announcement on Twitter. The thing is, they were giving away a stack of 25 random comics, so who knows what they would have been, but when I got a text from the editor of the Splash Page telling me I won, I swear my hair stood up on end. I won comics. Oh, the joy!

Here’s where it gets really amazing though: the editor ended up writing me later with the following note:

Btw, I saw on your Twitter profile that you’re a Wonder Woman fan. Do you own “The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia” yet? If not, I’ll substitute that for some of the single issues. It’s a pretty massive book that any WW fan should own… ;)

You’d have thought he just asked me to marry him.

You see, I was literally drooling over this book two weeks ago and planning on asking for it for Christmas. Because it’s chock-full of anything and everything a gal like me could ever want to know about Wonder Woman. Part of my obsession over the Amazon goddess is her tie-in with Greek mythology, and it’s jam-packed with Greek characters and stories and blah blah blah OMG I’m such a freaking geek. This book might make me even more of one, but I practically passed out over the thought of having this book in my clutches.

An image of the inside of "The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia"

Someone please make sure I don’t kiss the Fed Ex guy when he delivers my goods.

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