I’ve been given the solution

I am so grateful for my derby sister, Marcie, AKA Kinetic Rage, who, despite not being a knitter, sent me this pattern to solve my flames-meets-lightening dilemma.

Marcie has been down-and-out longer than I have due to an accident she had that had kept her from playing for quite some time. Both of us wanted to be spending time with our other derby sisters this weekend, watching the WFTDA National Championships at Rusty Rasorskates’ house. But neither of us felt like doing much more than laying in bed.

I adore Marcie because she’s such an awesome, positive inspiration. Here was what she told me when she sent the image: “I don’t knit, so this may not be of any help at all, but I thought it might be worth a try. Had planned on going to Mal’s today but have been busy wheezing, coughing and snortling all day. … Anyway. I was thinking what I’d like if I were a five year old. (Some days that’s not hard to do, heh.) I took that photo you posted and used it to make these. Was thinking simple would be much easier, but maybe you could take single threads and weave in for the more detailed lightning bolts. I’m a painter, not a knitter, so what do I know? *g*”

Marcie knows enough to have made me completely giddy, and I now have a plan for making my buddy a happy little camper. Plus, my friend Casey threw out the following tip instead of double-siding the scarf, which would have taken me forever: “Lining it with some sort of fleece is a cheater option I wholeheartedly endorse.”

I love these ladies. And now I’m obsessed. I’ll be done by Thanksgiving and will post the results. Hopefully I’ll have one thrilled little 5-year-old on my hands.

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