Papier-mâché daydreams

Crap. Failure number one for the New Year. Well, partial failure anyway. I joined this group called Iron Craft, which The Owl stumbled upon and thought would be quite perfect for me (SWOOOOON! That boy knows me so well…), and which I was pretty pumped to discover myself. The idea is pretty simple: each Thursday, they issue a new craft challenge. You have until Wednesday to post your project to the Flickr group, and when it’s all said and done, you get to see how creatively people met the challenge. It’s pretty inspiring, really.

Challenge 1 was “Lighting the Winter Gloom.” Sadly, I didn’t discover about Iron Craft until maybe Monday, and despite quickly coming up with the idea to make little papier-mâché lanterns using streamers, balloons and old Christmas lights, I just ran out of time. I blame work, roller derby practice, sleeping, and eating.

So as of 10:30 Wednesday night, I have dripping wet little lanterns that I’m sure will be quite lovely when they’re not a gooey purple mess. But I’m still left with a challenge unmet.


P.S. In case you’re wondering, here’s the project I was super jealous somebody else came up with. It belongs in my house. Harumph.

1 thought on “Papier-mâché daydreams

  • But a big A for the intention, no? Every one of us cooks up something we wouldn’t exactly call successful. At least, for some of us, the “Delete” key is our friend…not so with paper goo… 😉 xo

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