The best mix tape I ever got was from a girl

Last night, I was the lucky recipient of the best mix album I’ve ever received. My lovely derby sister, Thugz & Kissez, who has been tracking down the music from the Roller Derby Workout video, passed along a mix to me that is packed full of kick-ass music to help inspire a girl with a wrecked clavicle.

I’ve been rocking out to this album since she handed it to me before practice last night. What struck me as I listened to it is that it’s filled with music that pretty much symbolizes us derby girls: it’s in-your-face, high octane rock and roll.

I’m pretty sure all other mix tapes wish to be the one Thugz & Kissez gave me. I’ll leave you with just a little taste of a song that inspires me to run until my thighs are jello:

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