That wasn’t on the diet

Last week was rough on my diet for the Roller Derby Workout Challenge. First of all, Monday was my birthday, so the fabulous Lynn had The Owl, our beautiful friend Kristina and me over for dinner. My 34th was ushered in with a Russian theme: a heavenly beef stroganoff, pepper Vodka (ouch), Borscht (who knew I’d love beets?), and Kristina’s ligonberry crepes. Oh, how delicious.

A few days later, despite having tried to stick to our diet, The Owl was inspired to play around with puff pastry, cheese and cream. And who am I to say, “No, you  must stick to the diet”? Particularly when it involves puff pastry, cheese and cream.

One of the things I deeply admire about The Owl is his brain. He is creative in a way that most creative people envy; he’s always thinking about ways to play and combine and tweak and … well, you get the idea. He approaches his entire life in such an inspired way, and it shows in everything he touches. It makes me swoon.

He looks in the fridge, decides to play around with these ingredients, and some time later calls me into the kitchen to sample this sauce which practically brought me to my knees it was so incredible. Heavy cream combined with a Colby and Monterey Jack cheese blend, then seasoned with Thyme, salt and pepper. It was the Thyme that did it to me. Any time I wasn’t looking, I was taking sips of the sauce, dipping pieces of chicken into it like a sinful fondue for which I would have practically sold my soul to enjoy.

He used the puff pastry, steamed some broccoli, added chicken and the sauce, and the result was this:

In case you’re wondering, it tasted even better than it looks.

The Owl has decided that his next pot pie creation will be made with steak and blue cheese. I cannot wait.

And now, I’m off to run six miles. I imagine that sauce is wrecking my chances of having Sabina Sciubba thighs. As is my 5’3″ stature. Argh.

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