Mi Dia de los Muertos

Fact: sometimes, when it comes to projects I want to complete, I get a bit obsessed. I’m talking hours upon hours of not sleeping, putting off things like eating and showering. You know, doing without the basics.

So when I told my mom that I wanted money to make a quilt for my birthday and she obliged with a gift card for JoAnn’s, I became nothing less than an unstoppable machine. I stumbled across Alexander Henry’s “Los Novios” fabric from his Folklorico Collection while shopping—a fabric designer with whom I’m completely smitten—and I knew instantly my quilt would revolve around its awesomeness.

It took about $150 in supplies. Hours of washing, ironing and cutting. Even more hours of mixing, matching and piecing together. But finally, my quilt is almost done.

I have the top completely finished, the batting is trimmed, the bottom is done, and I’m trying to figure out whether I’m going to hand-quilt the two together or invest another $100 or more into sending it away to have it professionally done.

So before I blindly start trying to hand-quilt my lovely creation and butcher it, does anybody out there have any suggestions for what I can do to make it look completely stellar?

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