My heart is with Greg

As I write this, my friend Greg is fighting for his life.

Greg’s cousin Brian is a dear friend of mine, plus we all hung out in the same youth groups and went to the same camps, and because we were both crazy about music, we became great friends who were constantly chatting about the music scene of the day. He’s a wonderful, big hearted guy, and since reconnecting with him through Facebook, he’s been extremely candid about his struggle with cancer.

I believe it’s been a three-year battle that he’s been fighting. And he’s my age. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

Round one took him through surgery and chemo. When it began to return, he went to a more alternative route, trying a healthier, all natural diet. But it returned again. And when he had surgery yet again, as well as some different forms of chemotherapy, he has continued to worsen.

Around October, I began posting reminders about Breast Cancer Awareness month. Greg was quick to remind everyone that breast cancer gets the most recognition and it’s not fair. I agreed. Cancer in general is an epidemic. I know so many people these days that are being affected by it. And what scares me is the fact that a guy in his mid-30s is fighting a battle he might not win.

The following note, written by his sister, was posted in a forum that has asked for prayers for Greg over the course of the past few months. Greg is in a hospital in Arizona where they were seeking more hope for his health, and the latest update devastated me and countless others.

Doug and I are safely in AZ… we are sitting in the ICU with Greg even as I type. He is more coherent than he was yesterday. He knows us all, but just kinda fades in and out; his thoughts aren’t real connected.

It’s great to be together again 😀

My friends, it seems more and more apparent that he has just days… We are hoping that Greg can get a little bit stronger, enough to travel home. We’d like to take care of him at home his last days. So that’s something specific to pray for. The Dr.’s here said that there is a chance that he could get strong enough to come home.

Pray for Melody and her parents! They are driving and should get here tomorrow (Tues.) evening. Pray for God’s peace on their hearts; and safety as they drive such a long way.

I read Psalm 103 before we left home to catch our flight this morning. Even now we can: Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

We could write a book on all of the ways the Lord has provided for us through prayers, our gracious hosts here in AZ, people’s offers to do this or that for us, etc…


Friends and readers, no matter what religion it is you believe, or even don’t believe, please be thinking of and praying for Greg.

And as always, I encourage you to please, please, PLEASE stay on top of your health. Life is too short to fight a battle like this.

My heart is with you and your family, Greg.

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