For the love of π

I joined a group on Facebook last year for the site Instructables, which is a virtual playground for a girl like me. It’s an online forum where people literally just make stuff and talk about how they did it. And sometimes, they issue challenges, many of which I’m bound and determined to win.

My current challenge: enter a homemade pie for the Serious Eats Pi Day Challenge. I did a bit of a practice run last night, and here’s the result: an angry T-Rex screaming “EAT ME!”.

I wasn’t completely happy with the way that it looks, because cutting lightening bolts out of dough with a butter knife was a poor, poor decision. I have yet to taste it, too, and I’m a *bit* worried because I added apple cider vinegar to the dough, and I’m totally winging the filling recipe. But if it is good, I’ll do another take and update you all with the recipe.

If it’s not good, I’m doing take 2 with a pie I’ve lovingly dubbed “El Chupacabra”.

The grand prize is an iPad engraved with the first 314 digits of π! Wish me luck as T. Rex and I battle our way into the hearts of the Instructables crew, and I promise if I win, you too may play Robot Unicorn Attack on my iPad.

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