Death, life and love

My heart hurts today.

I woke up this morning with a gnawing feeling at my gut. I should be home, cherishing memories and mourning the reality of a life cut too short. And holding the hand of my friend Brian, who is helping bury his dear cousin Greg today. It’s hard to not be there right now. It’s hard knowing that though I didn’t see Greg often, I will definitely not see him again in this lifetime.

Yet life goes on.

And that fact was never more evident that it was when I went outside to check my mail. Waiting for me in my mailbox were just what I needed. Two things that showed me beauty during a time of sadness: an invitation to my lovely friend Cat’s wedding, and a package containing some extremely meaningful gifts I’ve ordered for the baby of my bestie, Nicole.

It’s strange how, despite the heartache I feel over the passing of Greg, I’m so quickly reminded that new life and love are miracles that we don’t always get to experience every day. It was somehow calming and uplifting for me to get both of those things in the mail today.

I’ll miss Greg and the passion he had for life. But I’m also looking forward to what is blossoming in the lives of others around me.

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