El Chupacabra has arrived

Well, it’s done. I’ve created a pie, El Chupacabra, for the Serious Eats/Instructables Pi Day Challenge. And I barely did it in time. Fortunately, the second time was a charm.

You see, my concept was inspired by Mayan chocolate. It was meant to be a rich, dark chocolate pie with a bit of a killer bite at the end. I named it after that mythical Latin creature, El Chupacabra, which is supposed to suck the blood from small animals. That bite I was hoping to get at the end was pretty apropos for that name if you ask me.

My first pie wasn’t necessarily a failure, but it didn’t have quite the kick I was looking for. After asking quick advice from a wonderful chef I’m lucky to know, I figured I’d go for Take 2. And it was a success—barely in time to enter the contest.

My dear friend Lynn has also ordered some various peppers for me through Penzeys, so I’m dying to see how much better I can make this pie. But for now, it is pretty freaking good if you ask me. Or, better yet, if you ask The Owl, who was smiling with each smoldering bite.

Feel free to check out the step-by-step directions of my recipe, and please, wish me luck… I’d kind of like to win the iPad they’re giving away, because I don’t own enough Apple products as it is.

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