I just want to know…

Today is the day that every single one of the Springfield Roller Girls have been waiting for all year long: we’ll finally learn what team we’ll be drafted to after our tryouts on Tuesday.

Ooh, the anticipation! None of us can stand it, and I’m sure we’re all sitting in front of our computers and phones, hoping we’ll be happy with where we’ve been placed. Last year, I was proud to play regularly as a jammer for our B-team, the Battle Broads, but this year, I’m chomping at the bit to be an All Star.

Despite having been panicky early on this year about not being completely healed after breaking my collarbone, I’m feeling pretty fearless. Plus, my team leader, Pyscho Suzie, made a quick “passing the star” strategy call that resulted in a killer move that I’m sure helped me look good. For you non-derby folks out there, it basically meant I took over as jammer, which is something that doesn’t happen very often, but is AMAZING when it does because it generally throws off the other team and helps score more points.

The fact of the matter is this: no matter where I end up, I’m beyond excited to be playing roller derby. “Derby saved my life” is something you’re bound to hear from any girl who has fallen in love with the sport, and it’s true. So I won’t complain if I end up back on the Battle Broads. I’m sure I’ll get more playing time that way.

But if you hear excited screams coming from the basic vicinity of my house, it might just be because I’ve joined the ranks as an All Star.

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