Tales of La Capitan

Well, I didn’t make the All Stars. And while at first I was disappointed, I quickly realized the opportunity that has been given to me when I was immediately encouraged to run for captain or co-captain of the Battle Broads.

I was actually a little freaked out about that idea at first. For one, many of my fellow Battle Broads are brand new girls who don’t know me, so I wasn’t sure I’d actually be voted in. Secondly, it’s sort of a huge responsibility. Captains are the ones who can challenge refs on calls, so they need to be paying close attention during bouts and need to know the rules inside and out. They help coach and mentor. They pick the lineups. Whew.

It’s for all of these reasons that I was so pumped to be voted co-captain Tuesday night, working alongside my veteran sister and captain Milla Tyme. We’ll help shape our team into the fearless derby vixens I know we all can be, and help push many of us to become the All Stars I know are inside of us.

So here I am, devoting my life (I feel) to derby, as a skater representative on the board of directors, as the head of our advertising/merchandise/media committee, and now as a co-captain of one of our teams. It’s a pretty good feeling.

Plus, we’ve gotten a ton of media coverage this week. I ummed all over 104.7 The Cave. I chatted with a sports reporter from the Springfield News-Leader. Tomorrow, we’ll spend some time with the college station The Growl. What makes it even better is that we have a ton of great leaders who are excited about derby, and it’s obvious in all of the buzz we’re getting around town. I feel so honored that the girls have entrusted me to be such a huge part of a team like this.

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