Space: a birthday frontier

I was getting my hair de-pinked the other day when the adorable Karlie from Textures Salon (and my newbie derby sis!) mentioned that her sister—who is one of the founding members of the Kansas City Roller Warriors—had done some recent photo shoots with Vixen Pin-up Photography.

She began showing me some of the pictures and I was immediately blown away. Her sister had the coolest shots of her as a pin-up in space.

Now, while most of you would think, “A pin-up in space? What?” let me just tell you: this is The Owl‘s dream. He constantly talks about his love of psychedelic sci-fi from the ’70s, and about his obsession with the cosmos, which allows him to think bigger than the confines of this world to create thoughts and characters and so much more than the average person thinks about.

So it hit me: I’ll get space girl photos taken for his 40th birthday, which is just around the corner.

I heard back from Rachel of Vixen Pin-up Photography today, and then decided to mention it to The Owl just to see if it’s something he’d actually be okay with. When I found him Googling Barbarella, I realized he was not only totally okay with it, but might actually be in heaven.

So yes, it’s in the works that I will soon be bringing his heavenly sci-fi goddess to life. Fortunately for me, he thinks I’m incredibly attractive (the thought of exposing my thighs like this at the age of 34 is panic-inducing); but regardless, I’m starting what I have dubbed “the Barbarella diet” immediately. I’m thinking lots of veggies and water, maybe a little lean protein here and there. Quite possibly 2-3 hours of exercise a day. At least until I don’t feel completely crazy for dressing up in something like this and posing for the camera:

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