El Chupacabra rears its spicy head

I don’t know that I ever came out and said it, but my spicy chocolate pie did not win me an iPad. However, I practically did cartwheels and jazzhands when I got the following email today:

From: scoochmaroo
Subject: Easy as Pie ebook!

This is Sarah. I’m an editor at Instructables (see the about page for more information http://www.instructables.com/about/ ). Today I’m writing to you to say Congratulations!  Your Instructable has been selected for inclusion in an Instructables eBook.  We’re taking some of our Guides to the next level, and converting them into an eBook format to better share Instructables projects with a wider audience.

You’ll get a copy of the eBook, which you can share with friends and family — especially those with iPads.

We hope you’re as excited as us, and wanted to reach out to let you know this was happening.

What’s cool is that out of the close-to-300 pies on this site, mine was one of 20 picked for this eBook. But as I learned in my personal training study manual today: “People who are physically fit usually have a better outlook, a little more self-confidence and often do well in whatever their talents and ambitions prompt them to try.”

Now please ignore the fact that I just quoted from a personal training manual as I was talking about my world-famous* super-fatty-chocolate-and-sinfully-buttery-crust-piegasm and help me celebrate! (And maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll share my Pesto Mashed Potato recipe that made my nephew sit back, close his eyes and tell me my cooking is magic.)

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