The shape of things to come

Today, I am encouraging myself to breathe. It’s because I got a call late in the afternoon yesterday to come in for a job interview today. And it’s for a job I’m practically salivating over myself to get. I’m freaking out right now, hoping that I get it.

I’m highly optimistic, partially because it’s been a great week so far. After spending the weekend with my family for Easter, The Owl and I spent a fantastic Monday in Kansas City when I took my MINI to get serviced. I got my butt kicked at practice on Tuesday, which was good. I had a fabulous Wednesday, which started with a wonderful conference call with my former boss and a client, and culminated with The Owl’s day-long birthday celebration. Tomorrow is lunch with the always inspiring Pamela from Thrive Personal Fitness. And this weekend? My first real roller derby bout since breaking my collarbone. Now that I see it all laid out here, “great” seems so lame. I’m having a pretty freaking stellar week.

This interview was so important to me, primarily because it’s exactly what I want to do. It’s a position that involves health and wellness, plus makes good use of my communication skills.

Fortunately, it went well. Well, at least I think it did. The position is so perfect for me I, quite frankly, feel like a unicorn birthed it and flew it over a rainbow and plopped it into my lap. Which is pretty much how I found out about it, the day before it closed last week. I got the call yesterday, had the interview today, and was told I’m one of 3-5 people they’re considering. I’ll know something early next week.

Positive things are coming, I can feel it. The possibility of taking this job, all of my upcoming bouts… Even if I don’t get the job, I find that I am content and excited about the future.

But hey, I really want this job. So if you wouldn’t mind saying a prayer or dancing a jig or sending some positive vibes into the universe on my behalf, I would love you forever. Swearsies!

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