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I heard hearty laughter coming from another room the other day and had to rush to see what it was all about. “Read this,” was all The Owl said, and seeing as how I have a somewhat annoying habit of documenting all of the grammar mistakes I see that exist in public, I begged him to let me take a picture of the description. Here’s what it said:

Improper sentence structure has struck again! Granted, I’m probably more intrigued to watch this movie now because I’d love to find out how one could put a sibling up for adoption for a typical teenage spat. Particularly because, had I known this possibility existed, I probably would have tried to do the very same thing a handful of times when I was a teenager—and possibly even today! Now, I’ve not watched this movie, but something tells me this description is a victim of wrong word placement, which has clouded the sentence’s meaning.

A clearer, more accurate version would be: A teenager goes in search of her biological mother after her sister reveals to her during a heated argument that she was adopted.

I have really missed bringing the smack down on some crap English since I lost my sicworld blog. Does this mean I’m back? Most definitely.

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