What have we become?

As we passed by Dairy Queen today, The Owl pointed out something that has become quite an issue to me, and naturally, I had to stop to snap evidence.

Let me quickly explain why I hate the Internet: because “chz” has become an acceptable form of “cheese” thanks to that stupid meme known as the LOLCats (which, might I add, I had to search on Wikipedia to find out why it’s funny, and P.S. I still don’t find it funny).

FACT #1: I tried to use cheezburger on Words With Friends. It agrees with me; it’s not a word.

FACT #2: Your handy kiosk lettering kit is loaded with the letters E and S (see Pick-the-right-letters-on-Wheel-of-Fortune, or Letter Frequency article from Wikipedia for explanation). Since I only see one of each of these letters in this sentence, and the message repeats itself on the other side, I have no doubt you could have tossed up exactly six additional E’s and two more S’s.

Here’s the thing: I don’t find humor in incorrect grammar. I hate when people text me and don’t use full sentences. I roll my eyes when I see “ur” instead of “your.” I just don’t see why it’s cute to say “I can haz cheezburger” just because somebody slapped it on a photo of a kitten—using a crappy font, might I add.

So please, people, can you at least spell out cheese? You made me pass up on a Dilly Bar out of pure disgust.

3 thoughts on “What have we become?

  • Hi friend! You know, if you look really hard you can see my work in that photo 🙂 I have to drive past that sign every day, and it makes me sick. I also don’t like people who don’t use proper punctuation and spelling when they text. Phones have predictive texting now, so there’s no reason for things to be spelled incorrectly. Although, I will say this, the phone isn’t always correct. Both my partner’s phones will predict the word “alot” which we know isn’t a word, but an imaginary creature created to help us cope with bad grammar.

    I link to the LOL cats on my blog. If its any comfort, somewhere on their site, I can’t find it now, they have an article on “Engrish” the terrible use of the English language they use. Its meant to be an ironic commentary on terrible grammar. I’ll find it and link to it for you. Also, the cats are pretty cute.


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