Sailing away…

Well the word is out: I’m moving.

I tried to make it, Springfield. I really did. But things just weren’t meant to be. And it’s okay, because I feel like I really overstayed my welcome.

So I’m off on a new adventure. One that involves The Owl and me sailing off into a golden, corn-filled sunset and starting a new life where we know nobody, and where we have a whole world that’s ours to explore.

Besides, upon doing a little research, here’s what I found awaiting for us:

David Sedaris will be in my backyard. I will go see him. And then once I see P.J. Harvey live, I can die a happy woman.

Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes will also be in my backyard. Dirty, sexy rock and roll for $15 and minus a long drive? Yes, please.

• The Uptown Theater will be just down the road. The Human League and Men Without Hats? Hello! Or Chris Isaak on a cold November night? Why yes, I think I might just do that because I can!

• The local Community Mercantile offers cooking classes. And, yes, The Owl and I would in fact like to learn how to make Poulet Vallée d’Auge.

• Bonjour, Kansas City! I adore that town, and I cannot complain about the fact that I’ll have the shopping, dining and activities of KC just down the road. The biggest advantage is that, fingers crossed, I’ll be joining the Kansas City Roller Warriors. Un-freaking-believable. But more on that later…

So, Springfield, I bid you adieu. I will miss my family here. But they all know the door is open. Always.

Still, don’t feel like this is goodbye forever. I’ll be back for things like derby bouts, legendary Sandra Day O’Slaughter birthday parties, and for visits with my incredible friends. I just won’t call you home any longer. It feels very liberating.

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