Madeover Melody

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. A new job. A new home. A new town. A new roller derby team. It’s all been a bit overwhelming, particularly because I feel like these changes are far from over.

For starters, I misjudged the size of my moving truck. That meant I left a good portion of my things back in Springfield. What’s worse is I managed to get a large portion of my dad’s trains that I have yet to sell on eBay, but I totally forgot things like pots and pans, gel to tame my ‘fro, plates and silverware, and all of my spices. Fortunately, my mom’s China made it here, as well as my grandmother’s silver. So every meal felt like a fancy party. People really should eat Golden Crisp with China and silver at least once in their lives. But my mistake means I have to get yet another moving truck and find time to go back and load the rest of it all. Fingers crossed my plants don’t die before then. Have I mentioned that moving drains the wallet? Ugh.

Oh, and in the process of not being able to sell my house, it appears I’m about to become a landlord. I hate this fact with every fiber of my being. So I won’t go into it right now. I need to stop my brain from spinning.

The new town is amazing. I see MINI Coopers everywhere. There are Boston Terriers on every corner. There’s a World Market. The produce at the grocery stores is so vibrant and beautiful, and the local Community Mercantile puts Mama Jean’s selection to shame. It’s incredible to be in a town where nobody smokes and everybody runs. And I’m serious when I say everybody runs—I’ve actually seen people running at 2 in the morning because it’s such a running- and biking-friendly town. There are concerts and great restaurants and I could go on and on. I am in love.

I’ll be honest: the townhome has been a disappointment, though I will admit—it’s growing on me. It’s just amazing to see that the people who lived here before didn’t take care of it. There were spiders everywhere—though they’ve seem to have stopped making an appearance—and the kitchen is awful compared to my lovely little kitchen in Springfield. There’s also a wet bar in the living room. It’s so bizarre that the Owl and I will most likely host a wet bar party where everybody wears terrycloth robes from the ’80s and drinks Fuzzy Navels. What else do you do with a wet bar? But in the grand scheme of things, this place is probably no worse than most of the other places I’ve lived. I only miss the conveniences of my house, and the truth is, I’m driving by the bungalows and cottages here, dreaming of calling one of them my home. The thing to remember: my lease will be up in 11 more months.

The new derby team? Well, that was scary at first. My heart was literally racing on my first day. But the girls are totally cool, and I’m in a great position to be able to walk onto the team and get placed onto a home team and—fingers crossed—hopefully make their B-team. I’ve also been chatting with another girl in town who plays for  a different league but who is interested in outdoor skating with me. So I’ll have some derby normalcy here, which is nice.

And finally—the job. It’s a breath of fresh air. A handful of projects in and I’m getting such great feedback on my writing. My co-workers are great, I love the atmosphere and laid back nature, and I’m excited about what’s to come. Once I’ve found a gym—and a new personal training gig—I’ll be beyond happy. And hopefully by this time next year I’ll be entering the Master of Science Program in Dietetics, which will really help as I pursue this passion I have for helping people live well.

I have so much more to talk about, but no more energy. So stay tuned. I have a whole new diet I haven’t even written about!

Good night!

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