Window to the Past

I saw something that nearly killed me today.

During a break in a presentation, several of us headed to a tiny little coffee shop housed in the facility. There, I witnessed several people load up on the exact brands of flavored creamers (non-dairy, artificial creamers that my former co-workers proved can be lit on fire) and muffins (packed with nearly 500 calories) I used to peddle.

I briefly felt shame before a huge sense of relief washed over me.

I’ll never again encourage people to put garbage in their bodies — instead I’m helping shape futures, and should soon know whether I’ll be working at a women’s gym as a personal trainer, nutritionist and group fitness instructor. Today was a reminder of what I refuse to go back to and what lies ahead.

How refreshing.

1 thought on “Window to the Past

  • First of all, good on ya (sounds Australian, don’t it?) Second of all, I try and eat healthy (ish) whenever possible…and in Ft. Wayne, IN it’s pretty goldurn tough. There is exactly one vegan restaurant in town, and I don’t believe there’s a whole foods store for a hundred miles. But lord, i’m tryin’. Thanks for the inspiration, doll.

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