I’m a Knockout!

Well, I survived the wait and learned Wednesday night that I was drafted to be a Knockout with the Kansas City Roller Warriors. Talk about an amazing night! The Knockouts made me feel so incredibly wanted that I was absolutely blown away. The more I talked to my new teammates, the more I realized that I will most likely be jamming pretty consistently for my team (WHAT? I’m a jammer with the Kansas City Roller Warriors? SWOOOOOOOOOON!), plus the super exciting news is that KCRW All Star and derby hero of, like, half of the world, Bruz-Her, was also picked up by the Knockouts.

This is amazing, guys.

What’s really funny is getting to know more about the teams. For the first time in my life, I  was drafted by a team known for being, well, Knockouts. The girls who toss glitter bombs and play up the fact that the crowd thinks they’re the team full of hot chicks. So not only was I told by several girls that they have been so excited to see me skate since I joined in September, but I also got a few comments like, “You’re pretty!” thrown at me. It was hilarious — particularly after I found out that shirtless men walk around holding signs with the jammers’ names on them. Oh my.

So what’s next? Well, I’ve already started picking up items to complete my new Knockouts look — their colors are teal, silver and black. Next, I’ll start practicing with my teammates, and then early in 2012, I’m drafting for Plan B.

Until then, I leave you with a song I’ve found to be completely apropos to my new team:

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