Public Service Announcement: A Runner’s Tale

Dear drivers of the world,

Please do your part to watch for pedestrians. While on one hand, I think it would be particularly hilarious to haunt my mom after my death by appearing to her, hitting random piano keys and moaning, “See, it wasn’t roller derby that killed me. It was all of the running… The ruuuuuuuning!” I think I have a whole lot more living to do.

So to the man in the Mustang who literally came within two feet of hitting me by ignoring street lights, the white Honda who seemed to disregard the fact that I had the walk sign, and the SUV driver who glared at me when she was the one who failed to yield, I thank you for reminding me that it’s time to wear dog tags around my neck or in my shoes when I run. Even though it seems someone is intent on making my mom a rich woman.


A defenseless runner who really wants to pound some faces in

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