Joining the Wolfpack

It’s nearly 1 in the morning, and I should be in bed, but I’m in a complete state of shock. After being encouraged to try out for the Kansas City Roller Warriors All Stars a couple of weeks ago, I signed up and tryouts finished up tonight. I initially thought the experience would be a great preparation for making the B team, but tonight I learned I’m on the Charter for the All Stars.

I can’t believe it. I was sitting at the sidelines at regionals not long ago, watching these girls with stars in my eyes, thinking that some day — just not any time soon — I’d be able to call them my teammates. And then tonight, I’m trying on KCRW All Star jerseys. I’m pinching myself.

I need to get to bed. But I’ll write more soon. Wish me luck sleeping tonight!

1 thought on “Joining the Wolfpack

  • Sorry I was late in reading this. Been neglecting the reading of blogs of late. But after attending a bout by our own Ft. Wayne Bomb Squad this weekend, it was fitting that I heard this great news on your blog. Congratulations, rockstar! You’ll be amazing!

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