8 a.m. Blisters

I read something today on Facebook claiming that derby girls talk derby 95% percent of the time. While, on one hand, I would like to say that is not entirely true, I myself have realized in the past week that it’s probably more like 98% of the time. Particularly if you’re in my shoes.

Truly, I just can’t help it. The last couple of weeks have been entirely insane for me when it comes to derby. I had All Star tryouts, which I did simply for the experience. Then I made the team. Days later, I had my first bout as a Kansas City Roller Warrior — our Valentine’s Day rookie bout, which introduced all of us newbies to KCRW fans.

I'm a Roller Warrior!

And then, today! Today kicked off the first All Star practice of the season (at 8 a.m., might I add), followed by my team practice. That’s four hours of non-stop derby: endurance, hitting drills, stopping drills, and more.

I’m absolutely worn out, but I couldn’t be happier. These blisters on my feet, the exhaustion in my legs, the fact that I literally don’t have time or energy to eat… It’s so worth all of the hard work.

It’s exciting to know that I’m learning from some of the best derby players out there. And have I mentioned lately that my butt looks absolutely incredible? That is a fact.

Ten years ago, if you had told me I’d gladly be heading to bed before 10 p.m. on weekends, I’d have told you there’s no way I’d be that lame at the age of 35. Of course, had you mentioned I’d be playing roller derby, I’d probably have done back flips.

So now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to hunt down my tiger balm and arnica gel, ice my shins, and sink into a well-deserved coma. And the season is just beginning.

Derby love.

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