Movin’ on up

Well, HELLOOOOOOO there, friends! Sorry you haven’t heard a peep out of me in 50 years, but in case you’re wondering I’ve been busy. Busy doing what? Being a freaking All Star with the Kansas City Roller Warriors.

I'm swooning over myself

I’d say I couldn’t be happier, but I’d be lying, because I will be a whole lot happier in the coming days, but I’ll explain that in a bit.

My days are, quite literally, filled with nothing but roller derby. I believe the last time you feasted your eyes on my page, I was talking about how elated I was to be a Kansas City Roller Warrior. Since then, the Knockouts have played another bout (we won!), and I traveled to Nebraska for three days of roller derby insanity.

I say three days of insanity, because the All Stars pretty much played a tournament-style of bouts that weekend.

We kicked off Friday night with a win against No Coast. We then began Saturday morning with our second win of the season against Montreal’s New Skids on the Block. And Saturday night, we left with our third win against the Omaha Rollergirls.

I was so excited to be representing Kansas City with such a team of incredible players. I’m still so honored to be on this team, particularly because it’s my debut season with Kansas City, but also because these girls are truly stand-outs in the derby world. I literally have derby legends teaching me strategy, drills, how to be a good teammate… I could go on and on. And then you’d want to gag me with a spoon.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to play in any of these games. I figured I’d sit the bench the whole season. But I managed to get some playing time in against Omaha when our seasoned jammers were too exhausted from two straight days of bouting. And though I scored zero points against them, I was able to keep points from racking up. Most importantly, I got my first All Star bout done, and I have nowhere to go but up from here.

I’m struggling a bit, honestly, to figure out some time management. Long practices and two hour drives to and from derby practices make me a bit cranky. But that’s something practices usually fix right away.

And the thing that’s going to make me most happy? Brand. Freaking. New. Skates. I finally made the leap and Ted from Skateport in Springfield is pulling together my Riedell 695 boots with Sunlite plates (until I can afford my Labeda Pro-Line plates later in the season — SWOON!) and Gumball toe tops. Delicious.

(In two weeks, I grant you permission to shut my fat trap with a punch to the face when I’m crying about how my blistered, angry feet are trying to peel away from my body.)

I love this life that I have. I truly do. And though my body aches, I don’t sleep, and my friends, family, and loved ones have totally forgotten what I look like, I know it’s worth it.

Derby has reminded me that you should never settle. It’s pushing me beyond my comfort level, and helping motivate me to keep striving for more.

My story is just beginning.

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