Pretty please with a donut on top

During a trip to Pinkberry CherryBerry Yogurtland Orange Leaf Sunday night, I found myself weeping in happiness over the shop’s addition of what I thought was one of my favorite ice cream toppings from my youth softball days — a hard chocolate covered coating that is known at Dairy Queen as the “dipped” portion of a Dipped Cone.

I know that hard chocolate shell topping is one of the most disgusting foods I could possibly put in my body, but sometimes, I just don’t care. It’s a bit of nostalgia for me, and it makes me happy beyond words. So when I saw a boy with what I thought was a hard chocolate shell on the top of his frozen yogurt, my heart nearly burst out of my chest — most likely because it was trying to escape, but I’m pretending it was out of pure joy.

I loaded up my bowl with my three favorite flavors — I wasn’t feeling froggy enough for a fourth — and waited passive-aggressively patiently for my turn at the toppings bar, ready to pour that delicious chocolately goodness over my frozen yogurt and watch it transform magically in front of my eyes.

Imagine my shock when I got to the front of the bar, only to realize that boy didn’t have hard chocolate shell in his bowl. His yogurt was topped with a donut.

Not an ice cream topping.

I’m not sure when it became trendy to top frozen yogurt with breakfast items. Cap’n Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and now Little Debbie wax donuts have all found their way onto a menu that’s touting itself as healthy. Sure, a serving of frozen yogurt may only have 41 calories, but when you top it with 100 calories of donuts, a spoonful of Cap’n Crunch, some hot fudge, white chocolate chips, gummy worms, and brownies, you’re sort of canceling out the benefits of eating yogurt. Or is that just me?

So tell me — what’s the weirdest thing you’ve put on top of your frozen yogurt treat?

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