How chili dogs made a vegetarian’s day

I started out the month of June knowing this 30 day blogging challenge was going to be just that: a challenge. Day 1 began with me heading off to Denver. Days 2 and 3 were spent on the road, and since then, I’ve had so much going on that I feel like I’m spinning out of control.

However, one of the best reasons I’ve been moving at the speed of light is because of some incredible projects that I’m in the midst of pitching with my team.

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to meet with the Chancellor at the University of Kansas to present some ideas for TV spots. She’s a fairly conservative woman, so it was with a bit of trepidation (mostly from me) that we presented some pretty out-there — at least for KU — ideas to a woman who could have easily given us an, “Absolutely not.” Then, we would have been forced to move on to more “tame” ideas.

Instead, we got a huge smile, the comment, “You all are having some fun!” and the green-light to move forward with what promises to be the achievement of my career so far.

This is the only taste you get… For now.

I’ll say this much: the spots involve chili dogs and crappy lawn care, and I am quite certain we’ll be entering them into some ADDY awards, and then some. It’s been years since I felt like a client allowed me to create something I’m truly proud of, and it feels incredible.

The next month is going to be another whirlwind: shooting commercials, moving to a new apartment, All Star charter two tryouts, and trying to figure out how I’m going to get home to meet my new niece who is due in August. Plus, preparing to start taking college classes again. Good days are ahead.

Tell me: what exciting things are happening in your life?

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