The belles of the ball

As I stood in line last night, my arm linked through Barbrarian’s, I felt like I was back in high school, waiting to determine if I had made the Homecoming court. Except this time, I was truly proud: my roller derby team’s hard word and dedication was being recognized (instead of feeling like I was in a popularity contest).

The Kansas City Roller Warriors All Stars are continuing a tradition by advancing on from the South Central Regional Tournament to National Championships, which will take place in Atlanta Nov. 2-4. We’ll be taking on Minnesota during our first bout, who we’ve already won against this season. We placed third in the championship after a solid loss to Atlanta, who we heard spent the last year working hard to play the way Kansas City did last year at regionals. It definitely paid off, and their nail-biting game championship game against Texas landed them a trip to Atlanta.

The real hard work is about to begin.

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