March Madness Through May


I was thinking I was going to write these great posts about my nutso month of March, but suddenly it’s May and I’m wondering where April went.

The thing is, March flew by in a whirlwind for several reasons. I went to SXSWi for work, for one. I could wax on and on about what I learned, about how much I was inspired by the talented Neil Gaiman, about how many avocado tacos I ate from Torchy’s Tacos. I could even tell you all about how I skated with the Texas Rollergirls — the originators of modern day roller derby.

That's a HOT coffee... If you know what I mean.
That’s a HOT coffee … wink wink!

Or I could talk about my trip back to New York a week later. About how my awesome co-worker, Heather, and I went to the Anderson Cooper show and later saw Tony Danza steal a coffee from Magnolia Bakery. Or about how I skated with the one and only Gotham Girls where I got to shove Suzy Hotrod around and got totally slaughtered — and later hugged — by Sexy Slaydie. (They were incredible!) And then to cap it all off, we headed to Carnegie Hall to finish the last of our series on the University of Kansas Wind Ensemble, who performed the world premiere of a symphony by renowned composer Mohammed Fairouz:

The problem is this: the longer I wait, the more I have to talk about. These blog posts might never end.

We are in the midst of our All Star season, but now that my writing class is drawing to a close, I’ll try to take more time to talk about the things I’m doing. May will be nearly as crazy: we have a tournament just under two weeks away, plus I’m headed to Ft. Lauderdale to give a marketing presentation at the annual WFTDA Convention.

Here’s wishing the rest of 2013 will be this amazing.

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