Crying in roller derby

Today was a bit of a heartbreaking day. The Roller Warriors are losing one of our wolves to paradise. The amazing Evolution is moving to Hawaii.

When I first joined KCRW, Lou was a skater who inspired me tremendously. I remember watching her in awe as she played at the 2011 South Central tournament. I was enthralled with her every move — the way she communicated, the way she refused to let the opposing team through her walls, her ability to wipe out the strongest players with a swoop. Once I made the All Star team, she was always encouraging, giving me great feedback that would help shape me into a stronger skater. And she was the first to give me a hug after slaughtering me on the track in a home team game.

We’re going to miss her tremendously in Kansas City. So no matter what rumors you might hear, there is sometimes crying in roller derby. For me, it wasn’t breaking my collarbone. It was losing an amazing teammate and friend.


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