A bottle of Irony

StoryWell, folks, it’s been awhile. I promise I haven’t been neglecting you all. It’s just that… Well… Okay, maybe I’ve been neglecting you.

Here’s the deal: I had a dear friend surprise me with a bottle of pinot noir—appropriately named Irony—for my birthday last weekend. We popped the cork and I enjoyed a glass to celebrate my 33rd birthday (because I’m staying 33 forever). And as I sipped, I saw what the cork said: What’s your story?

I’m working pretty freaking hard on my story right now. And I don’t just mean writing, though it’s going pretty well. (I’m several chapters into the memoir that I’m writing. I already have the framework for another novel swimming through my brain. And I’ve been inspired to finally complete an illustrated book that’s been haunting me for years now.)

I’m actually pretty blown away with where my life is. If you read back through this silly little blog, you’ll see me freaking out about playing roller derby and becoming a Kansas City Roller Warrior. This season, I’ve been voted in as Captain of the KCRW All Stars. I’m still in awe of my teammates and the women I get to skate with and with how much they believe in me in return.

Plus, I have a job that I love and people who also believe in my ability to be a mentor and help reshape the way we do our business.

So what’s my story? I’m pretty driven right now, so I’ll leave you with this: one of these days, you can pick up the book and find out for yourself.

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