Little reminders

It is 12:15 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and I am laying in bed icing my knee and finishing up a bowl of tofu, Brussels sprouts, and carmelized onion. Why? Because this is my life.

The life of a derby player typically means late night dinners, loads of post-practice ice and Epsom salt, and very little sleep. Five seasons later, I think it may be catching up with me. I’ve been trying hard to not be moody and frowny, but I’ll admit—I haven’t been so successful.

Then tonight, my wonderful friend Bruz-Her handed me a gift that changed my mood in about two seconds:

Wonder WomanWonder Woman came with the following note:

Because sometimes you need a reminder that life is supposed to be fun…


Hours later, after a fun scrimmage against the Cowtown Butchers, a late-but-healthy meal, and snuggling with pups, I’m going to remember what Bruz told me.

Which is why I’m eating some ice cream in bed before I shut my eyes.

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