Roller derby, baby

Ben Folds has been in Kansas City playing with the Symphony, which is absolutely amazing for a number of reasons. (I could actually write an entire blog post on how all of my favorite artists are writing for the symphony and ballet). But of course, I didn’t get to go because of practice, despite my long-time love of Ben Folds. However, my derby sister, Dr. Dread was there, and much to my teammates’ surprise, she quoted Mr. Folds as having said the following during the show:

I always say you’re more likely to get laid if you take a date to the symphony… because, ya know, you look cool. It’s better than taking her to roller derby.

Naturally, the rabid derby world jumped all over him.

Word of his dig at derby traveled across social media until hoards of derby folk were Tweeting and Facebooking about how he should show up to practice, how he needed to apologize, how he needs to go see the championship tournament in Nashville, etc.

Then, last night, this happened.

Well done, Ben Folds! I have always loved you, but now you’ve won me over—and I’m pretty sure all of us in the roller derby community—even more! Hope to see you at Champs!

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