Making tough choices

As it turns out, all of 2017 has been filled with really big — and incredibly tough — decisions needing to be made. I was incredibly fortunate to get presented with some truly amazing job opportunities. One would have involved me moving halfway across the country, and would have put me in a position to work with somebody I highly respect. Another would have paired me up with one of my very best friends on the planet. And the other one? Well, that’s the one I accepted.

Before I get there, though, it all took a whole lot of weighing-of-decisions. My elderly primigravida status made me hesitant to leave my doctors — and especially my insurance — behind. So I thought for awhile I may just stay at KU. But the company that sold me on coming to work for them? Well, that was Hallmark.

So as of two weeks ago, I’m now working as an Editorial Director at Hallmark. I’m super pumped, partially because I have already been met with excitement over me just being there. I’m thrilled with my team. I’m excited by the culture and the happiness and the ease in which things have just fallen into place there. As hard as it was to have to turn down incredible opportunities, I can already tell I’ve made the right decision — not just for me, but for the soon-to-be-mommy version of me and this little nugget/spawn/alien I have thrashing around inside of me.

And in case anyone is wondering, I haven’t exactly left KU behind completely. I’m taking on grad school at KU, too. So on top of a full time job where I’m driving into Kansas City every day, I’m scooting back just in time to make sure my degree in Journalism is also a top priority. Which is crazy. I’m exhausted.

So, obviously, I’m pretty sure it’s time to get a Boston Terrier puppy, too.

6 thoughts on “Making tough choices

  • So happy for you!!! But, damn girl. Can you slow it down? A new job. Pregnancy followed by a tiny human, grad school…AND a puppy? Wait…A BOSTON TERRIER PUPPY!! Now you’ve officially gone too far! 😉

    • I know. Some day I’m going to look back and weep. It’s like I can’t be happy unless I’m driving myself insane!

  • Do every single thing you can possibly accomplish without burning out. Do it now! Tomorrow never will be the same as today. I can tell you from experience… you’ll regret every chance you never took. P. S. You’re going to be an amazing Mom. Superwoman All The Time! That should be your tag line.

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