Running with my muse

I’ve pounded this pavement countless times before, running more miles than I could possibly remember.

Through depression and heartache. Through moments of elation. Fear. Struggles. Hope. And everything in-between.

I left skin, blood, and sweat on that road. It’s where I stumbled upon concussions 2 and 3.

I crunched through snow. Reveled in the rain. Felt sweat pour down my back when it was 90 degrees.

That concrete gave me every bit as much relief as therapy ever has. Maybe even more.

So to bring you here with me gives me more joy than you’ll ever know.

To see you laughing and smiling as I hit that road once again makes my heart swell.

To see your face light up the faster I go just makes me want to push harder. And harder. Even when I can’t.

It’s just you and me, kid. Finding happiness together on my familiar open road.

There’s nobody else I’d rather share it with.

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